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Marcel Aarden Sends ADATO 5.14b at Horne

Marcel Aarden has ticked his second 5.14 with a send of ADATO 5.14b at Horne Lake on Vancouver Island.

After his his ascent, he noted on Facebook, “Feels so good to send the first project of the year. The process of projecting never gets easy.

“Went from impossible to manageable to wet to too hot to one day of cool and mostly dry. Thankfully it went on the latter, because it was wet again the next day. Thanks Julia Bobak for the hours of belaying.”

Aarden’s first 5.14 was Dinosaur Highway 5.14a, also at Horne. After that climb, he noted on Sendage.com, “First 5.14! Really glad I was able to finish off this rig before the season ended. Amazing line to say the least.”

There are lots of hard sends going down already this year across Canada this year. Stay tuned for more updates.