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Marcel Aarden Sends ASDATO 5.14 at Horne Lake

Marcel Aarden has made the likely third ascent of A Stressful Day at the Office (ASDATO) 5.14c at Horne Lake on Vancouver Island.

The steep line is a variation to the area classic called A Day at the Office (ADATO) 5.14b and was first climbed by Elan Jonas-McRae.

Aarden commented about the route on Sendage and said, “Great variation of the classic adato line. Crux is a bit shorter then that of ADATO but definitely more stout.

“I can’t comment to the grade. Will need to hop on some other 5.14c’s one day to compare.”

In 2011 when Jonas-McRae made the first ascent, he said, “Amazing climb, how ADATO should have been. Climb to the double kneebar rest and head up and right instead of left. As for the grade it is definitely a step up from ADATO but it could still be 5.14b.”

The second ascent came in 2016 by Dan Beland, who said, “The crux is shorter but has significantly harder moves than those on ADATO. Not sure whether it justifies a grade bump.

“I guess maybe it depends on how solid ADATO sits at 14b. We need to get some people out that have more experience at this grade to confirm.”

Aarden has climbed five 5.14 routes, the only one that was not at Horne Lake was Baby Fight 5.14a at Equinox in Washington.

Aarden and Beland are currently climbing in the Canadian Rockies and projecting at Acephale.

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