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Marieta Akalski is a Canadian Crusher

Marieta Akalski has shifted away from competition climbing to sport climbing. She started this spring with a trip to Colorado and is currently in Europe.

Toronto-based climber Akalski is one of Canada’s leading female climbers. Having competed in a number of competitions and world cups, it is not wonder she is at the top of her game.

In Rifle this spring, she transitioned her no-endurance bouldering fitness to sport climbing strength and a new level.

Marieta Akalski’s Sendage card 

“I didn’t really project anything per say. I did all the climbs in a few days and in less than eight tries,” said Akalski. “I got on one climb in particular that was not the hardest grade but my biggest achievement of the trip. Spray-A-Thon 5.13c had only been done by 3 other women (Lynn Hill, Emily Harrington and Lauren Lee according to the locals.) It was burly and had a few moves my full extension.”

Akalski made the second ascent and first female ascent of Eulogy 5.13a along with this impressive list: Effigy for Silent King Redpoint 5.13a, Tomb Raider 5.13d, Spray-A-Thon 5.13c, Cryptic Egyptian 5.13c, The Path 5.13c, Apocalypse 5.13b, Cantina Boy 5.13b, Vision Thing 5.13b, The Beast With Two Backs 5.13a and Hawaiian Two Foot.

Climbing in Rifle by Marieta Akalski

“I also made a quick two-day trip to Maple Canyon and flashed Squeal Like a Pig 5.13a and redpointed Sprout 5.13a,” said Akalski.

Currently Akalski is in Rodellar, Spain where she has climbed Gladiator 5.13d, Les Chacals 5.13d and a number of other 5.13s.

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