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Martijn Seuren Dies Attempting 82-Peak Alps challenge

Martijn Seuren was with Swiss alpinist Ueli Steck when he died from a fall on Mont Blanc.

Steck has been on a mission to climb all 82 4,000-metre Alps’ peaks this summer, while Seuren hoped to accomplish the feat over years.

Steck, 38, was with the 32-year-old Seuren on the Aiguille de Rochefort near Mont Blanc when Seuren fell over 300 metres into a crevasse on the Italian side of the peak.

Steck had been hoping to complete the feat in 80 days, using a mountain bike to travel between the peaks and soloing most of the technical climbing.

Steck has been silent on his social media with the exception of this, “I am deeply saddened. He would have been the first Dutchman to climb all the 82 4,000-metre peaks in the Alps. I want to express my deepest condolences to Martjin’s family and friends,” Steck wrote. Out of consideration for the family I won’t add further comment on this tragic event, and I ask you all to respect this as well.”

The exact details of the incident are unknown and the fate of Steck’s 82-peak challenge remains up in the air.

Martijn Seuren (1983-2015)  Photo Seuren's Facebook
Martijn Seuren (1983-2015) Photo Seuren’s Facebook