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Watch Matilda Soderlund Send Her First 5.14d

Also in Frankenjura, she sent Klondike 5.14b and Solitary Man 5.14b

Swedish crusher Matilda Soderlund has sent her first 5.14d with a send of The Elder Statesman in the Frankenjura, Germany. The first ascent of the crimpy route was in 2011 by Markus Bock as a direct finish to The Last Rites 5.14.

In 2018, Soderlund sent Pure Imagination 5.14c at Red River Gorge and has previously onsighted to 5.13b. Also in Frankenjura, Soderlund sent Klondike 5.14b and Solitary Man 5.14b. “I started out as a competition climber,” she said. “I want to feel 100 per cent motivated and passionate about what I am doing, that’s why I decided to focus on climbing outside when I graduated from university in 2017.”

Soderlund has been sending hard routes at Frankenjura for the past few years. The 27-year-old excels on vertical routes with tiny edges. In 2012, she flashed Friends Like You 5.14a at Frankenjura. Four months ago, Chiara Hanke sent Sever the Wicked Hand, the first female ascent of a 5.14d at Frankenjura.

Matilda on 5.14d