Canadian Gord McArthur finished 15th overall in the UIAA World Cup Ice Climbing competition held in Russia on March 10, 2013. McArthur is a member of the Canadian National Ice Climbing team and has been competing on the world cup circuit over the last few years. This result is an incredible accomplishment especially when considering how the sport is dominated by European and Asian climbers who often have access to significantly more support from sponsors and national sport organizations.

American world cup competitor and mountain guide Marc Beverly was at the comp and sums up McArthur’s accomplishment:

“Gord did well and came in at a proud 15th in Russia! Wow. I’m so psyched for him. It’s a very intimidating place to begin with, and to do so well here is indeed difficult to say the least.

Ice climbers in North America may not appreciate that it takes years of preparation in many aspects to perform well at an event like this. Beyond the money, time, training and being away from home, the logistics of getting to an ice climbing World Cup and suffering from jet lag compound the difficulties. The food is different, the immune system takes a hit from the stresses of traveling and the rest of the world doesn’t speak English.

Why do it? Ask Gordon. But I’ll tell you that the experiences gained and friendships forged are worth every Ruble. I got Gord into the World Cup tour, but I would not still be competing had it not been for Gord’s support and motivation. I’m happy to report that Canada should be proud of his performances, I am!”

More details as they become available.