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Mega New 5.11 Alpine Offwidth on Fitz Roy by Seán Villanueva and Jon Griffin

They climbed the big line in a push. Plus a huge rockfall in Torre del Paine

Seán Villanueva O’Driscoll and Jonathan Griffin has established a new 500-metre 5.11c/d up the south face of Fitz Roy in Patagonia. They said the monster offwidth is a “king line” on the famous peak. The named it La Chaltenense and climbed it onsight with no bolts. They reached the summit at 3: 40 a.m. and descended the Franco Argentina.

One month ago, O’Driscoll made the first ascent of the Moonwalk Traverse along the Fitz Roy skyline at 5.11 over 4,000 metres of climbing. It’s now condidered the most difficult solo ever done in Patagonia, more here.

Rolando Garibotti of Pagagonia Vertical, reported that La Chaltenense went down on March 3. It starts up the Colorado Route and breaks off into the steep and wide crack above the second pitch. The Colorado route was first climbed by Quinn Brett, Max Barlerin, and Michael Lukens in 2016.

Garibotti also reported about a big rockfall on Torre Central and Torre Norte in Torre del Paine. Watch a short clip below.