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Meini Li Just Sent 5.14a at the Age of 10, Makes History

She becomes the youngest climber from China to send the grade

Meini Li, 10, just climbed her first 5.14 with China’s China Climb. Li is one of the top youth climbers in the country with dozens of podium finishes at national comps in boulder, speed and lead, over the past few years.

She spent two months travelling with her family from their home in Guangdong to White Mountain in Yangshou to work on the project. On May 5, she linked the powerful cruxes and clipped the chains. Her parents support Li on and off the rock, and are themselves relatively new to the sport.

She’s the youngest Chinese climber to send 5.14a, and the third Chinese female after Ting Xiao and Weijun Huang. Watch the demanding cruxy sequence at around 10 minutes in the film below. In 2020, Théo Blass skipped 5.14a and became the youngest climber to send 5.14b, read the story here.

China Climb 5.14a