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Meteor Strikes Ben Nevis Summit Hut

The climber’s site ukclimbing.com has reported that a meteor struck the shelter and left a hole in the aluminum roof. Top climber Dave MacLeod caught the meteor of film, check out the great photo here.

The Ben Nevis hut was scheduled to be replaced sometime in the near future with a proposed larger building. The Nevis Summit Experience will be a hotel in the mountains with private rooms and catering. This story was posted on April 1.

MacLeod was camping on the summit of Carn Mor Dearg while filming with Dave Cuthbertson. MacLeod told ukclimbing.com, “As I was experimenting with camera settings I noticed a couple of fantastic shooting stars. Then this huge one came across. I pressed the camera shutter just in time to catch it as it came down, but unfortunately missed the huge flash as it appeared.”