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Michaela Kiersch Climbs V13 and V14 in Magic Wood

Last summer, she visited Canada and climbed her first 5.14d with Dreamcatcher in Squamish

Michaela Kirsch is currently in Switzerland where she’s sent another V14 with the classic problem New Base Line. Her first V14 was Hailstorm which she climbed earlier this spring.

New Base Line is found the Magic Wood, a place where boulderers have been travelling to for decades. Bernd Zangerl made the first ascent of the problem in 2002. It’s been repeated countless times, including by Shauna Coxsey, Linda Sjödin, Alex Puccio, Anna Stöhr, Mile Heyden and Marine Thevenet.

Kiersch has a number of hard routes to her name, including Necessary Evil 5.14c, Lucifer 5.14c and Golden Ticket 5.14c. She recently climbed Super Tweak 5.14b, a well-known 1994 Boone Speed line in Logan Canyon. Last summer Kirsch sent Dreamcatcher 5.14d in Squamish, shortly after Paige Claassen. In April, she climbed Apex Predator 5.14c in Utah, shortly graduating as a doctor of occupational therapy.

During her current trip to Magic Wood, Kiersch has climbed Riverbed V13, Steppenwolf V13, Left Hand of Darkness V13 and Piranha V10. She was recently in Greece for the Petzl Rock Trip. Follow along on her Instagram below.

Riverbed V13

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