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Michaela Kiersch Sends Dreamcatcher 5.14d in Squamish

The national champion repeated the hard west coast route shortly after Paige Claassen

American crusher Michaela Kiersch has climbed Dreamcatcher 5.14d in Squamish. Her send comes a few days after Paige Claassen (watch below) became the first woman to tick the classic hard Canadian sport climb.

Kiersch first attempted the hard granite line three years ago, and focused on specific training to improve her chances of a redpoint. It’s her first 5.14d, and she sent it on day five of projecting. Listen to her conversation on Enormocast this spring here.

Kiersch has a number of hard routes to her name, including Necessary Evil 5.14c, Lucifer 5.14c and Golden Ticket 5.14c. She recently climbed Super Tweak 5.14b, a well-known 1994 Boone Speed line in Logan Canyon.

The first ascent of Dreamcatcher was by Chris Sharma, and it was first repeated by Sean McColl in 2009. The third ascent was by Ben Harnden in 2012 and then Alex Megos climbed it in three tries. Mah started to work on the climb, which Adam Ondra tried to flash, last October and climbed it after around 15 sessions. Mike Foley sent it in 2017, Jimmy Webb climbed it in 2018, Nicholas Milburn in 2019 and Vancouver’s JJ Mah earlier this year.

Jimmy Webb’s Send