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Miles Adamson Sends Top 25 Squamish Highballs

Miles Adamson is the first climber to complete the 25 top Squamish highballs in Marc Bourdon’s third-edition of the guidebook Squamish Bouldering. Adamson’s final send on the list was The Snail V7 on July 7.

After his send, Adamson noted, “Five years in the making, and that’s it. I’ve done every single climb on both Squamish Bouldering guidebook’s highball list.”

Miles Adamson on The Snail V7. Photo Nic Vissers

The list includes in order of grade: Summer Vacation V0, By Fair Means V1 (FA), Tall Dark and Handsome V2, Is It Pure V2, For the Birds V3, Voltage V3 (FA), Zero to Hero V4, Enchanted V4, Dig Up Her Bones V4, Kung Fu Fighter V4, No Excuse for Porn Hair V4, Funeral Arrangements V5.

The list continues with: Alpine Ridge V5 (FA), Dynamite V6, Teenage Lobotomy V6, Be on Four V7, Black SLabbath V7, The Snail V7, Raging Rapids V7, Ride the Lightning V8, Resurrection V9, The Broom V10, Snakes of Shoalin V10, Straight Outta’ Squampton V10 and World of Hurt V10.

Adamson kept track of his sends on Sendage.com. The following are some of his comments about the problems.

Straight Outta’ Squampton V10: So alpine. Thank you so much to everyone that came out to spot and give pads, I have the best friends. I ended up with 13 pads, and I still I didn’t feel like falling would end very well. (Watch Adamson on hard Squamish highballs below)

Snakes of Shaolin V10: Second ascent. Didn’t think I’d do this, stoked I did. Kind of. Nearly fell quite high but Jeremy rounded up at least 30 pads I think I would have been fine.

Raging Rapids V7: I got a bad first impression due to not being able to find the holds. I rapped down and chalked it all up, it’s actually really good.

Dig Up Her Bones V4: Really good and really serious. You could definitely eat shit and die hitting the bottom of the cliff to the left.

For the Birds V3: So so good. It’s nice and tall and they built the landing up super flat. I don’t even want to know how long that took. People should check this problem out.

Adamson on the first ascent of Alpine Ridge V5. Photo Scott Eveleigh