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Misty Wall Big Yosemite 5.13 by DiGiulian and Cardwell

Sasha DiGiulian and Jon Cardwell have made the first free ascent of the 15-pitch Misty Wall in Yosemite at 5.13. The first ascent was back in 1963 by Royal Robbins and Dick McCracken.

“After 14 hours of climbing straight we completed the first free ascent of the Misty Wall,” wrote DiGiulian on social media.

“Jon and I managed to each free climb every pitch, along with Marcus Garcia contributing massively to Thepush.

“The route is 15 pitches long and includes 5.13 roof climbing, offwidth, and splitter cracks. This happens to be my first Yosemite big wall climb, too!”

Misty Wall had previously been freed up to 5.11d A0 by Walt Shipley and Kevin Fosburg in the early 1990s.

In 2016, DiGiulian and Felipe Camargo made the first free ascent of Planeta dos Macacos (Planet of the Monkeys), a 650-metre 5.13c in Brazil.

In 2015, she made a rare send of Peace 5.13d, a Ron Kauk route on Medlicott Dome in Tuolumne. Over the past few years, Cardwell has sent a number of 5.15s, including Realization and Papichulo.

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