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Motivation Monday: Get Strong With a Dyno a Day

Bouldering allows climbers to try big moves that throw their bodies around. Dynos are the biggest of moves that use momentum to get a climber from point A to point B. Big dynamic moves can strengthen your climbing repertoire.

There are many types of dynos, from having one hand on the rock to all-points-off. Knowing when to use a dynamic move often comes from experience.

Dynoing can be dangerous, so remember to be as safe as possible. Clear the landing zones of debris and eye up where a miss is going to land you.

Before you dyno, you want to suss out the start and end holds and find the best path of trajectory. Getting to the end hold is the first step, the second is to hold the swing.

Dynos require balance, coordination, strength and confidence. And remember that most of the power comes from your legs, which means finding optimal foot holds will take time.

To complete a successful dyno: get established on the start holds, build momentum, launch and grab. Best to practice in a climbing gym with big holds and lots of pads.