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Mount Robson North Face Skied First Time Since 1995

Revelstoke-based Dylan Cunningham is a 27-year-old skier who recently became the third skier to descend Mount Robson’s 800-metre North Face. He is the first person to ever solo-ski the steep glacier, tho the face has been solo-climbed a number of times.

The big mountain ski site Biglines.com caught up with Cunningham on the phone and published an extensive interview with him online. In it, Cunningham said, “I skied off the Emperor Ridge from within 20 vertical metres of the summit… At the top I investigated what I think was the original line but it looked like there would be at least two mandatory rappels.

“If you compare a recent photo from to that from the 90s the you can see there’s a lot less ice than there used to be. I was more aesthetically drawn to a line just down the ridge.”

First skied in September of 1995 by Troy Jungen and Ptor Spricenieks, Cunningham’s descent comes after many attempts by other skiers.

Cunningham climbed the Kain Face with Dylan Chen and Kevin Rohn and then continued to where he dropped down below the cornice. According to Biglines.com, the skiers stayed in radio contact and Chen and Rohn made skied the Kain Face and then watched Cunningham finish his big line.

Watch raw footage from Cunningham on Robson’s North Face and check out the full must-read interview here.

The last big solo ski mission that made waves in the community was by Chris Brazeau when he did the first ski descent of the North Face of Mount Bryce in 2012.

Approximate line of descent on Robson’s North Face.