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Nalle Hukkataival Repeats V15 in Switzerland

Nalle Hukkataival has made the second ascent of La Rustica in Val Bavona, Switzerland, and upgraded it.

First climbed by Jimmy Webb in 2013, Webb graded it V14, but with the recent upgrade it becomes his first-ever V15 climber.

“La Rustica was opened by James Webb a good while back as his first 8C [V15} and hesitant to grade it that,” said Hukkataival.

“Well safe to say it is and also likely the hardest boulder problem in Switzerland. And exceptionally rad.”

Hukkataival said his big reach helped and if the pocket was two millimetres farther he would’ve been out of luck.

Conditions weren’t optimal and a big rain storm settled shortly after he sent. Most times it’s such an uphill battle with hard projects,” Hukkataival said.

“But sometimes, very rarely, things just work out nice and smooth. An extremely rare treat to not get too used to. Thanks Jimmy for opening this amazing climb.”

Watch Hukkataival’s Send

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