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Nathan Kutcher Onsights a Colorado M12+

Nathan Kutcher has reported about his onsight of a hard mixed route in Ouray.

A number of Canadians have made the trip to Colorado to compete in the upcoming Ouray Ice Festival, arguable North America’s most popular ice climbing event.. Kutcher, who won the Ouray Ice Fest in 2012, has returned for another go.

His onsight of  the 35-metre You’re My Hero M12+ at the Hall of Justice took 30 minutes and he sent it in comp-style. For those unfamiliar with the different styles of mixed climbing, there has always been some debate about what’s fair, but in competitions only the climber’s hands can touch the tools – no resting by hanging from your wrapped arms or legs.

The day before the impressive send, Kutcher onsighted Andrea’s Route M11 and suggested a grade of M10.

Nathan Kutcher
Nathan Kutcher onsighting Your’e My Hero M12+ and sporting his Team Canada shirt.

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