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Nepal Avalanche: 28 dead and search continues

The recent avalanche in Nepal has killed at least 28 people, including four Canadians. The search continues and Canadians anxiously await messages from loved ones.

There are a number of people still missing. They are from Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and a number of smaller towns across the country. There have been 28 confirmed deaths.

The Nepal avalanche

There are fears the final toll will be higher. Nine bodies were found on Thursday and about 220 people have been rescued, but many are still missing.

Unofficial spreadsheet, open for updates

Nepalese, Israeli, Canadian, Indian, Slovak and Polish trekkers are among those killed.

Severe rain and snow in Nepal appear linked to a recent cyclone in India.

Facebook page: Nepal avalanche information share

Some are young travelers, others are on organized tour and some are married and have anxious children waiting for a sign of life. There are nearly three dozen families in Canada awaiting word from Nepal.

Many of the survivors from the avalanche have taken shelter in places far from internet connections or phone  lines.

Taan Live Updates with lists of who’s been rescued



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