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New 5.11 in Quebec at Area Hopefully Open Soon

Serge Alexandre Demers Giroux has reported about a new 5.11+ in an area northeast of Montreal called Pourvoirie Domaine Bazinet. The fishing and hunting outfit recently allowed a a few climbers to explore the rumoured cliffs on the land. Jean-simon Grenier made the first ascent of La Dévoreuse 5.11+, a splitter crack up one of the walls.

Giroux said after the send, “Thanks to the friendly staff of the outfitter for allowing us to climb. This place will be worth the detour.” Giroux noted that climbers are working with the outfitter to ensure future access. Amazing to know there are still gems like this crack waiting to be climbed so close to such a historical climbing hub.

Jérôme St-Michel on The Hoover. Photo
Jérôme St-Michel on La Dévoreuse. Photo Serge Alexandre Demers Giroux