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New 5.14 in Ontario by Joe Skopec is Broken Tusk

The top climber has been sending hard sport routes in only a few tries all summer

Joe Skopec has sent a long-running project of his in eastern Ontario called Broken Tusk and graded it 5.14b/c. Skopec noted that he’s been climbing stronger than ever lately and that giving routes a solid grade is tricky.

“I remember first trying this project a few years ago and thinking 5.14+ for sure,” he said, “but lately everything I’ve tried has just felt effortless, which makes grading very hard.” Skopec has put in considerable time to training since the covid lockdown.

“Training alone is a blessing and a curse,” he said. “While training all I know is that problem is easy for me or difficult for me. Time to focus on a climb that still felt difficult after all this climbing and if it goes down I’ll be confident on the grading of this one.” For more on Skopec’s summer visit here.