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New 790-metre 5.11 on Norway Big Wall

The South West Face follows a previously unclimbed line up the country's national mountain

Joda Dolmans and Andreas Widlund have made the first ascent of a 790-metre 5.11 A0 up the southwest face of Stetind in Norway. It’s one of only a few routes up the massive granite wall.

Stetind, found north of Narvik in the area of Tysfjord, became Norway’s national mountain back in 2002. Climbers have been ascending routes on the peak for over 110 years; there are several moderate classics.

Wildlund had attempted to climb the route rope-solo style, but ran into difficult slabs. He returned with Dolmans and started up on the morning of June 30. They climbed together up pitches of 5.10 and 5.11 without any falls for over 30 hours.

Their route, which they named the South West Face, had one section of A0 on the last pitch. It climbs slabs, corners and splitter cracks up mostly solid rock. Check out their photos below.