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New Burly Steep Quebec Mixed Route

A steep new M8/9 WI6 was recently established by Jean Francois Girard at a crag with other powerful routes

Jean Francois Girard reported to us that he opened another hard new mixed route in Quebec at Les portes de l’enfer (Saint-Narcisse de Rimouski) near Rimouski. “The crag situated seven kilometres from the road and it’s a gem,” he said. “A very sporty overhanging 30-metre crag with amazing ice.”

Girard’s new route is Marcia Funebre M8+/9 WI6. It starts right of Sigfried Funeral March and crosses left on the same ice to finish on le Monstre up burly climbing. “The start is very tricky on chossy rock on marginal holds until you reach the steep dihedra.”

Earlier this winter, Girard and Stas Beskin made the first ascent of the 40-metre Jörmungandr M7 WI6. The route has been repeated several times this winter. Read more about the steep route here.

Jean Francois Girard on Funebre M8+/9 WI6