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New Dolomite Route (looks thin!)

Maurizio Zanolla has freed Pinne Gialle (Yellow Fin,) a new four-pitch route on Tognazza in Italy’s Dolomites.

The Tognazza wall has a number of weaknesses that had been climbed, but the blank wall called to Zanolla to climb it. The route climbs through the lower wall on an established route before breaking into the “slabs” above. Pinne Gialle finished on a route called Gran Diedro.

Gran Diedro Topo

An excerpt from Planet Mountain’s story on the ascent, written by Zanoola:

“Nothing can be taken for granted in those final metres today, that dry wind that blows so hard it empties my chalkba… I’m really happy when I reach the summit but also a bit ‘defeated’ because my ‘trad’ dream is no longer, but maybe I’ve saved my life.

It seems impossible, but there was still space up there. All that was needed was looking at things from a different perspective to find, at least for me, the most beautiful route up the face.

The grade? I have no clue and I’m not even going to dare to put forward a grade as I don’t have much experience at this sort of climbing and I’ll let repeaters judge for themselves.”

Full story and photos at Planet Mountain

Pinne Gialle on the Tognazza wallin the Dolomites Photo Matteo Mocellin
Pinne Gialle on the Tognazza wall in the Dolomites
Photo Matteo Mocellin

More photos by Matteo Mocellin