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New Film of Shawn Raboutou’s Send of Megatron V17 Released

The new film from Mellow covers Raboutou's second V17 first ascent in 2022

A new Mellow film by Matty Hong was released today detailing Shawn Raboutou’s first ascent of the longstanding Megatron project in Colorado’s Eldorado Canyon. The film features climbers Raboutou, Daniel Woods, Drew Ruana, Chad Greedy, and Jimmy Webb. It covers the entire 10-year history of the Megatron project, including Greedy’s discovery and naming of the boulder, Woods and Ruanas’ experience projecting the problem, and Raboutou’s eventual first ascent. Raboutou’s send comes in at the 18:08 timestamp.

At V17, Megatron joins a very small list of other climbs at this top bouldering grade. The problem links a V15 start into the V14 Tron, a stand start version of the problem first put up by Woods in 2017. Raboutou has had quite the year of climbing, already establishing V16’s F*ck the System and Story of 3 Worlds as well as the V17 Alphane. If the proposed grades for Alphane and Megatron hold, he will be the first climber in history to climb more than one V17.

To learn more about Megatron and how it compares to other V17s in the world, check out our previous article detailing Raboutou’s Megatron FA.


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