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New Five-Pitch WI5 Near Lillooet in B.C.

Top Gun area in B.C. has a number of new multi-pitch moderate ice lines

Top Gun is a new ice climbing area in B.C. that’s been getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks. In December, Danny O’Farrell, Steve Janes and Quinn Park opened the area with four new routes.

This past weekend, Janes, Hunter Lee and Quinn Park made the first ascent of Target Rich Environment, a five-pitch WI5, and Highway to the Danger Zone, a 90-metre WI5. “The route climbs five beauty pitches of ice over granite with the money pitch coming at the end,” said Janes.

“We ventured to Top Gun in hopes of bolting a mixed line,” said Janes about Danger Zone. “Upon our arrival, the pillar in question was just touching down and to our surprise went on all ice despite our hauling a rock rack and drill.”

The area is about a 30-minute drive from Goldbridge down the Bridge River Main Forest Service Road. The majority of routes begin seven kilometres past Jamie Creek Hydro Station.

The other routes are: Iceman’s Pillar WI5 90m, Talk to Me Goose WI4 70m, Two o’s in Goose WI4 160m, Because I Was Inverted WI4 150m, She’s Lost that Loving Feeling WI4 120m and Jester’s Dead WI4+ 80m.

“Still more than a few unclimbed plum lines just waiting for anyone adventurous enough to check them out,” said Janes.