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The New Gripp’d

After 15 years of being Gripped, we have decided to move forward as Gripp’d.

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Yesterday, March 31, Arc’teryx announced they will be changing their name to Archaeopteryx, dropping the apostrophe for the full name of the “dead bird.” As Archaeopteryx states in their media release,”Today we have made a bold move into the future. With an obvious next step in our evolution as a globally recognized brand, we will officially be leaving our shortened name behind. Effective immediately the company will be rebranded to the easier to pronounce ‘Archaeopteryx.’ The company is soaring to new heights globally and needs a strong brand image to be seen as a leader in the outdooraparel industry. There are no shortcuts in evolution.”

Now that they have dropped the apostrophe, we decided to pick it up.  We did not think there was enough space in Canadian climbing for two brands with an apostrophe. Thank you Archaeopteryx, we will take it from here.

We have already updated our social media accounts and website. Thank you for loving Gripped for 15 years, now buckle-up for another 15 years with Gripp’d.

Gripped Logo