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New One-Kilometre 5.11 Traverse Climbed in Chile

The remote mountain range was climbed over three days by three climbers and is named Ayayema Wesqar

Photo by: Seba Pelletti

A one-kilometre-long 5.11 has been climbed alpine-style in Chile’s Cordillera Riesco in Patagonia. It’s called Ayayema Wesqar and summits four granite towers.

From Feb. 21 to 23, Hernán Rodriguez, Antar Machado and Sebastian Pelletti spent three days and two nights on the skyline traverse of Grupo La Paz. Patagonian Fjords Expeditions had dropped them off on the shore of Fiordo de las Montañas at the base of Cordillera Riesco where they spent a night before completing their climb.

“From here we began our skyline traverse of Grupo La Paz,” said Pelletti, “enjoying out of this world sunrises, digging out bivy ledges, leading pitches day and night, amongst clouds and stars, trying to stay present the whole time, so that each moment of these three days, would add up to this big alpine adventure we’d dreamed of.”

The route’s name, Ayayema Wesqar, loosely translates to “spirit of the mountains” in the language of Kawésqar, the Indigenous People of Chilean Patagonia.

For more photos from the climb, visit Pelleti and Rodriguez on Instagram below.

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Lead photo: Seba Pelletti