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New Route on Rimed Up Cerro Paine Grande in Patagonia

Cerro Paine Grande / Photo Cristobal Señoret

Cristobal Senoret and Max Didier have made a first ascent of the southwest face of Cerro Paine Grande, a 2,884-metre peak in the Cordillera Paine, Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.

This is the fifth recorded ascent of Cerro Paine Grande, the others being in 1957, 2000, 2011 and 2016.

Their new 300-metre line climbs to the far left of the existing lines and heads up the heavily rimmed west ridge, which it follows to the summit.

The first attempt on the peak, according to Rolando Garibotti’s Pataclimb.com, “was in early 1954 and ended in tragedy when Herbert Schmoll and Toncek Pangerc, members of the second Club Andino Bariloche expedition to the area, were swept to their death by an avalanche.”

The first ascent in 1957 was by Italians Jean Bich, Leonardo Carrel, Toni Gobbi, Camillo Pelissier and Pierino Pession.


Despite many attempts, the second ascent wasn’t until over 40 years later by Garibotti and Bruno Sourzac.

At the time, it was the first, and only, one-day-ascent of the peak. “They carried five ice-screws and one snow picket,” reads Pataclimb.com. “They rappelled off a picket from the summit, the remaining four rappels were off avalakovs.”

Senoret and Didier seem to be two of the more motivated and strong young climbers based in the Patagonia area these days.

We look forward to following them on their many big projects this year. Click on the clip below to watch.