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New Speed Record for Colorado’s First Flatiron

Kyle Richardson got the fastest known times on the First and Third Flatirons this month

Kyle Richardson has set a new fastest known time for climbing the First Flatiron in Colorado at 30 minutes and 19 seconds round-trip. It came a few days after he set the speed record for the Third Flatiron at 30 minutes and 27 seconds.

He started at Chautauqua, ran to the base, free-soloed seven pitches up to 5.6, down-climbed the southwest face and ran back to where he started. “It is something about the position and feeling of being up there that draws me back time and time again,” said Richardson. “I will probably do it again tomorrow.”

Richardson had climbed the route hundreds of times and knew every move and crux very well. Free-soloing is a dangerous style of climbing and trying to break speed records should be left to the pros.

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Yesterday, I was able to set a new Fastest Known Time on the ultimate Flatiron classic time trial; the First Flatiron. . Start at Chautauqua, run to the base, scramble a 7-pitch 1,000ft 5.6 route, downclimb its SW face, and run back down to Chautauqua. I was able to clock in with a time of 30 minutes and 19 seconds. . The #firstflatiron is my favorite chunk of stone above Boulder. It was the first rock I explored when I moved to Colorado, and I’ve since scrambled its magnificent East Face hundreds of times. It is something about the position and feeling of being up there that draws me back time and time again. I will probably do it again tomorrow! #liverunrepeat #satansminions . 📸: @wjeff415

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“I started to mix in climbing, scrambling and biking into my pursuits of the mountains,” said Richardson who started as a trail runner. “All these modes of travel are tools, the possibilities outside are endless when you expand and diversify your skill set.

“I feel the most at home when I’m outside pushing my body to its limits. I draw my inspiration from the landscape and use this to push myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have a deep sense of appreciation and respect for the mountains, and it is where I feel most alive.”

About his Third Flatiron fastest known time, Richardson said, “This iconic test-piece has been the stage for a niche subset of individuals to test themselves in the dark art of combining running and scrambling for a long time. I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of such a unique, inspiring, and motivating community that is always pushing me to be my best self.”

The First Flatiron has a number of routes and is a popular peak for rock climbers. There are dihedrals, crack system and big flakes that create interesting routes from four to 10 pitches. On the weekend, you can expect to run into a lot of other climbers on the classic routes.

Eight Fun First Flatiron Routes

Baker’s Way 5.3, six pitches
North Arete 5.4, five pitches
Fandago 5.5, five pitches
Way of the Ancients 5.5, three pitches
Direct Route 5.6R, 10 pitches
Zig Zag 5.7, five pitches
Red Slab Variation 5.8, seven pitches
Yellow Brick Road 5.7, six pitches

Watch John Greedy free-solo the First Flatiron in 2017 below.

First Flatiron