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New Squamish Bouldering Guidebook Just in Time for Spring

This is sure to be one of the best new guidebooks of the year and certainly one to add to your collection

Photo by: Colin Smith

Marc Bourdon has announced that he’s completed the fourth edition of his Squamish Bouldering guidebook which was published by Quickdraw Publications. The cover photo is by Stella Marchisio.

On the companies Facebook page, he said, “That’s a wrap. The fourth edition of Squamish Bouldering is complete and the files have been sent to the printer. A huge thanks to those who helped – your input was truly appreciated.”

This will certainly be one of the biggest bouldering guidebooks that you’ve ever owned as it comes in at a whopping 588 pages and includes new Squamish-centric content. Due to unpredictable production and shipping schedules due to the pandemic, Bourdon said he’s not sure when you can hold one in your hands, but that he’s “hoping to have it at some point this spring. In the meantime.”

In 2020, Bourdon released the fourth edition of Squamish Select, find out more about that must-have guidebook here. Follow Quickdraw Publications on Facebook for updates and more great content.



Lead photo: Colin Smith