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New V15 and More Hard Rock Climbing News

More climbers are getting out every day with warming temps and spring only a few weeks away

Clément Lechaptois has repeated Crystal Ship, a new V15 in Cresciano, Switzerland, first climbed by Giuliano Cameroni in January. Cameroni, 23, is one of the world’s top boulderers with nearly 20 V15 sends and two first ascents of V16s.

Cedric Lachat, 36, sent Le Cadafist in Saint-Léger, France, which was first climbed by Gérome Pouvreau in 2017. It was graded 5.14d, but after a hold broke was upgraded to 5.14d/15a. And Seb Bouin has made the first ascents of Oppression 5.14c and Les Gardes Fous 5.15a in St. Guilhem, France. He said, “I’m preparing myself for a project in Spain, and I have the opportunity to mix outdoor and indoor climbing at home. So these routes were perfect. Waiting for good conditions in Catalunya, it was a good excuse to jump on these projects.”

Karoline Sinnhuber sent her sixth V13 with Nihilist Low in Zillertal. And Théo Blass, the youngest climber to send 5.14b when he did one at age 10 last year, has climbed his third at the grade with Super Samson. The young crusher is now 11.

Solveig Korherr, 22, has climbed Turkish Moon 5.14b in Datca, Turkey. In the past year, she’s sent dozens of 5.13+/5.14 routes with one of the most difficult being La cabane au Paradis 5.14c. In 2019, the German climber visited Red River Gorge and sent Southern Smoke 5.14c and Lucifer 5.14c.

And Adam Ondra has released a video with commentary of his first ascent of El Potro 5.14d, which was a longstanding project next to the famous First Round, First Minute 5.15b in Spain. Watch below.

Adam Ondra