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New Video of Daniel Woods’ Send of Multiverse V15

The stunning problem went unrepeated for eight years before seeing a string of repeats this fall

One of the world’s most accomplished boulderers, Daniel Woods, recently added another hard boulder problem to his tick list, Multiverse V15. Located in Wyoming, the problem was first ascended by Jimmy Webb in 2014. Despite its incredible climbing, Multiverse didn’t see any repeats for nearly eight years. In October this year, Taylor McNeill picked up the second ascent and in November, Eric Jerome got the third. Woods’ ascent was the fourth.

Multiverse is an extraordinary piece of climbing. After a tough starting sequence, the problem continues up an extremely steep arete requiring a long series of heel hook and compression bump moves. The problem culminates with a wild footless jug catch and then a reachy rockover move to the topout. You can watch Woods’ send footage below:

Woods had quite the time sending Multiverse. He injured his inner left thigh working the problem, requiring him to take some time off. The day he sent he was battling an “injured inner thigh muscle, uncomfortably cold conditions, and sickness”, yet he still managed to pull off the send. On Instagram, he calls the problem “damn near perfect.”

In 2014, Webb proposed a grade of V14 for Multiverse, but this turned out to be a total sandbag. Woods said that even with easier beta for all three cruxes, Multiverse feels V15. Webb used considerably different beta from the others who have climbed the problem. You can check out his FA in the video below. The camera angle really shows the steepness of the boulder.

Woods has over 40 ascents of problems V15 or harder. In 2021, he got the FA of America’s first V17, Return of the Sleepwalker. He has sent a slew of V16’s, including Insomniac earlier this year. He has sent 5.15b on a rope and in his competition days, he took home gold regularly, including at the USA National Bouldering Championships.

You can compare beta from Woods and Webb to that of Multiverse’s second ascensionist, Taylor McNeill, in the video below: