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New Wind River Range Mixed Line by Will Mayo and Whit Margo

Will Mayo and Whit Margo spent three days in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. They climbed a big new route called El Presidente WI5 5.10 500m on their second day. On their first day, they climbed half of a new route called The Chief — Project with difficulties up to WI5 M8 over 200 metres.

Just out of the southern Wind River Range, after a three day mission with the man, the myth, the legend: Whit Magro ( @whitmagro ). On the first day, we climbed half of a new route on the east face of Executive Peak, foiled by an unstable delaminated smear of ice: "The Chief—PROJECT" (M8, WI5, 600') – the left hand photo. On the second day, we put up a new route in an obvious chimney system on the southeast face: "El Presidente" (5.10, WI5, 1,500') – the right hand photo, with 900' of roped climbing in four long pitches and a 600' low-angle slog to the summit. Descent down the south ridge. More info to follow, for those who might be interested. We each have but a finite number of hours on this planet, as far as I know; I am so happy to have spent the past 72 of mine the way we did. @lasportivana @petzl_official @cilogear_official @julbousa

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