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Newlywed Adam Ondra Sends New 5.14d in Czech Republic

The top climber is back in top rock form after a long competition season and the Summer Olympics

Adam Ondra has climbed a new 5.14d at Moravian Karst in the Czech Republic, an area that he says has futuristic potential for hard routes. The newlywed named the line Býčí skála.

Ondra, 28, has the most sends of 5.14d and up routes of anyone in the world with nearly 200, and also just spent time in Frankenjura downgrading older lines. He repeated Nice Freshly Baked 5.14d and House of Cards 5.14d, and downgraded the latter to 5.14c.

Ondra, who recently competed in the Tokyo Olympics but failed to podium, said, “I had a great weekend with my wife and my parents in Frankenjura. I haven’t been there for a while, and it was great to check out some crags I’ve never been to before.” Watch Ondra on his new 5.14d below.