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Niagara Glen Reforestation Project

The Ontario Access Coalition (OAC) is about more than just securing access to specific crags, there goal is to build relationships with everyone in the outdoor industry, including Forests Ontario.

On Saturday May 2, the Niagara Parks Commission and Forests Ontario partnered up to host a local reforestation project, where members of the Ontario Access Coalition and other volunteers helped to plant trees and were educated on the importance of shade and green urban spaces in Niagara Glen.

Forests Ontario

Forests Ontario is an organization that works to protect and re-green Ontario’s forests through forest restoration, stewardship, education and awareness. The NPC’s strong partnership with Forests Ontario has successfully resulted in the expansion of its tree-planting program. In 2014, over 30,000 new trees were planted in the Park and this year the NPC intends to plant an additional 40,000 new trees and seedlings.

Ontario Access Coalition

The tree-planting event also gave OAC the chance to promote the bouldering opportunities within the Niagara Glen. The OAC does a lot of hard work to ensure our climbing and bouldering areas remain open and this event was an excellent opportunity for friends to support their community and help preserve the Glen, so climbers can continue to enjoy the boulders.

Niagara Glen Bouldering Guide

Niagara Glen from David Heerema on Vimeo.

-Written by Gripped intern Sophia Vlahos.