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Nina Williams Climbs Second and Third V13

Top American climber Nina Williams has topped her second and third V13s, both in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The first was last week when she sent The Shining and said after, “It feels good to share these moments with a partner who is equally (and oftentimes more) motivated to get things done,”

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Williams is referring to a send by James Lucas of The Abyss V8. “I’m proud of us both. We did it!” said Williams.

Her third V13 climb was earlier this week with a tick of The Automator, which she climbed twice in one day.

On her first go, her back grazed the bouldering pad and she felt she needed a cleaner send.

“I didn’t feel that the dab took weight off or helped in any way, but it nagged,” she said.

“This is my limit grade. I rested for 10 minutes and tried from the start once more. This time I topped it – sans dab. Psyched to put my second V13 down this week and third of the grade overall.”

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