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Nina Williams Sends Final Frontier in Yosemite

Nina Williams has sent the nine-pitch Final Frontier 5.13b on Fifi Buttress in Yosemite. The first ascent was in 1999 by Dan McDevitt with Sue McDevitt, Brittany Griffith and Penny Black at 5.7 A3. The first free ascent was over a decade later by Nik Berry and James Lucas with five pitches of 5.11, two 5.12s and two at 5.13. “It attracted me because I wanted to experience harder trad climbing on bigger walls while still learning the ropes,” wrote Williams on Instagram.

“Final Frontier intimidated me but at only ninal pitches it offered the difficulty without a multi-day marathon. I spent a few days working the cruxes and yesterday I led and sent every pitch! Psyched to make this milestone, and excited for more. Thanks James Lucas for the encouragement and Drew Smith for the photos.” For a great story about the first ascent by Lucas see here.