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Nina Williams Sends World’s First V12

Nina Williams is one of the world’s strongest female boulderers and is based in Boulder, CO.

In 2013, Williams sent her first V12, Last Action Hiro at Grampians in Victoria, Australia. Yesterday, she sent her most recent when she took down Trice V12 at Flagstaff Mountain, CO.

Nina William’s Facebook Page

Williams wrote on her Instagram, “Yeaaahh it went down! Feels very cool to have climbed such a historic boulder problem. Established in 1975 by Jim Holloway, Trice is considered the world’s first V12. I’m psyched to have sent before my two-week trip to the East Coast.”

Williams started climbing in 2002 in New Hampshire and joined a climbing team in Rhode Island. In 2010, she moved to Colorado and has been focusing on climbing for the last few years, which has resulted in a number of podium finishes.

Williams will be hosting a climbing clinic in Boston this week.

Nina Williams' Clinic Dates
Nina Williams’ Clinic Dates