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“No Rock Climbing” Signs Appear at Popular Ontario Crag

The signs, which are screwed to trees, appear to have been installed by Ontario Parks

The Ontario Alliance of Climbers (OAC) has informed climbers via social media that 10 signs have appeared without warning at Devil’s Glen, a popular limestone crag along the Niagara Escarpment.

The signs read, “Protection Area, No Rock Climbing Here to Next Sign.” The OAC stated, “The signs span the climbs between Morning Star and the easy way down on climbers’ right, only on Ontario Parks managed land. Routes from Nutcracker to the west are not affected and not in park boundaries.”

The OAC has long been in discussion with Ontario Parks about access to Devil’s Glen and other rock climbing areas. They said that they’ll update the community next week with any developments. The OAC is an important organization that works to ensure access across southern Ontario. If you’d like to become a member, visit here.

In 2021, the OAC informed climbers of access issues at Devil’s Glen, read more about that here.