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Nolwen Berthier Joins 5.15 Club With Her Send of Super Crackinette

The top French climber skipped 5.14d and went straight to 5.15a

French climber Nolwen Berthier, 28, has repeated Super Crackinette 5.15a at Saint Léger du Ventoux. Her previous most difficult route was 5.14c, so she skipped 5.14d.

In 2020, Berthier climbed La Ligne Claire in Verdon Gorge for her first 5.14c, watch the send here. Around the same time, she made the first ascent of Stay Kratom, Stay Safe 5.14b in Saint Léger.

Berthier worked on the steep and powerful Super Crackinette in 2021 and returned this year after training for the crux mono-pocket. Super Crackinette rose to fame after Adam Ondra made history with his flash, becoming the first climber to ever flash a 5.15. It was first climbed in 2016 by Alex Megos.

The first woman to climb 5.15a was Margo Hayes with La Rambla in 2017. Six months later, Anak Verhoeven made the first ascent of Sweet Neuf 5.15a at Pierrot Beach. In fall 2017, Angela Eiter climbed 5.15b with La Planta de Shiva in Spain.

Then in March 2020, Julia Chanourdie climbed Super Crackinette, followed quickly by Laura Rogora with her send of Pure Dreaming Plus 5.15a at Massone in Arco. In July 2020, Rogora then climbed 5.15b with Ali Hulk Sit Extension Total in Spain. Chanourdie climbed her first 5.15b with Eagle-4 at Saint Leger in fall 2020.

Last fall, Rogora repeated Erebor, which was graded 5.15b/c at the time, but it was later downgraded to 5.15b by Ondra.