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Ontario Climbing Access Group Discusses Ongoing Access Issues

The Ontario Alliance of Climbers held a virtual town hall to discuss the ongoing access issues and how we're tackling them

The Ontario Alliace of Climbers (OAC) held a virtual town hall this week that had over 160 attendees tune in throughout the night. There was a great discussion about access issues at some key Ontario crags, such as Campden, Rockwood and the Turtle (all of which are currently closed to climbing).

Access was  discussed in depth, as well as lockdown restrictions and some much needed talk about our mandate as an organization.

Ontario Access Issues

Jump Ahead:

0:03:55 – Who we are
0:05:38 – What we do
0:11:46 – Covid update
0:24:25 – Rockwood
0:35:10 – Turtle
0:37:53 – Campden
0:51:17 – Ice climbing updates
0:56:05 – Other updates (education initiatives, access negotiations, Conservation Halton & the Turtle)
1:00:01 – Community Questions via email (Beaver Valley hunting season, Devil’s Glen and Metcalfe parking, Lion’s Head, drones, bouldering development enquiries)
1:18:44 – Live Community Questions (Crag X, winter Kolapore access is ski only, OAC fundraising model)