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Ontario’s Crag Cleanup and Volunteers Needed Halfway Log Dump

On May 2, southern Ontario climbers spend the day with Conservation Halton and the Ontario Access Coalition (OAC) at Rattlesnake Point to help clean up trash.

Along with removing trash, the 60 stewards who gathered sunny skies also helped eradicate the invasive alien species garlic mustard.

Rattlesnake Point
Rattlesnake Point

The Crag Stewardship Day is a way for climbers to give back to Conservation Halton for their continued support of climbers.

Many people ask how they can help the OAC keep crags open. This is your chance to help. The OAC and Bruce Peninsula National Park are looking for help from the climbing community in the form of volunteer weekend Site Hosts at the bouldering area Halfway Log Dump

Halfway Log Dump Online Guide

Site Hosts, like a Camp host, act as stewards or Caretakers for the area during their time volunteering.

Site Host Application

The Site Host program has been a huge success since the launch in 2010, so the OAC and the Park are looking again for volunteers for 2015.

Also, the OAC is looking for a volunteer to coordinate the site host program. Please email info@ontarioaccesscoalition.com if you are interested in helping.

Ontario Crag Status

Leslie Timms at Halfway Log Dump.  Photo  Colin Field.com
Leslie Timms at Halfway Log Dump. Photo Colin Field.com


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