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Oriane Bertone is 12 and Sends Another V13

French climber Oriane Bertone has made the third ascent of Psychopad Rallongé V13 at Ravine des Colimaçons in France.

“Second 8B [V13] for me,” said Berone on her 8a.nu scorecard. “Very happy to have succeeded the extended version of this boulder one year after Alban Levier.

“Thanks also to Grég Sobczak for opening this marvel, and to Marie Trouvé for this very beautiful film.”

Bertone’s first V13 was Fragile Steps in Rocklands at the start of this year.

Bertone’s Hard Sends
Psychopad V13 in France
Fragile Steps V13 in Rocklands
Tea With Elmarie V12 in Rocklands
Force Majeure V11 in France
Salle Gos Assis V11 in France
Burnout V11 in Rocklands
Electric Copper V11 in Rocklands