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Ouray Ice Festival 2016 Results

The Ouray Ice Festival took place on Jan. 16 and 17 and had a number of international climbers attend.

A video by Conrad Anker of a water pipe exploding at the Ouray Ice Festival went viral on the weekend. No one was injured and the climber next to the gushing water has a story to tell. Watch the video here.

A number of top climbers travelled to the 21st annual event in Colorado, including European Lucie Hrozova and Canadian Will Gadd.

Ryan Vachon, a 43-year-old from Boulder, improved on his 2015 seventh-place finish with a win for the men. In second was Sam Elias and third was Kyle Dempster. The top Canadian was Will Gadd, who finished in seventh place.

The 27-year-old Czech climber Lucie Hrozova took first place for the women, followed by Italian Ange Rainier and American Katie Bono. Canadian Rebecca Lewis climbed her way to fifth place.

These are the preliminary results and the order of top finishers might change.

Results for Male / Female

1. Ryan Vachon / Lucie Hrozova
2. Sam Elias / Ange Rainer
3. Kyle Dempster / Katie Bono
4. Rudi Hauser / Emily Harrington
5. Jason Nelson / Rebecca Lewis
6. David Lee / Jewell Lund
7. Will Gadd / Naoko Adachi
8. Masato Nakajima / Susan Owen
9. Will Mayo / Yukie Ishihara
10. Jon Merritt / Beth Goralski

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