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Over 200 Climbers Aim for K2 Summit

Climbers have ascended to high camps as the rope fixing teams hope to summit within the next few days. Watch a video below showing the weather conditions

There are around 250 climbers hoping to summit K2 this season, but the weather has yet to cooperate with whiteout conditions and cold weather. Rope-fixing teams want to have the route fixed by early this week.

Dozens of climbers are currently at camp one, camp two and possibly camp four, with plans to summit by the end of the week. The main route up K2 has several bottlenecks where long lines form, slowing climbers. There have also been reports of avalanches above a part of the route called the Black Pyramid.

Last week, Kristin Harila and Tenjen Lama Sherpa successfully climbed Broad Peak – their 13th 8,000-metre mountain of the season. They hope to climb all 14 within three months of starting, which means they have until Wednesday of this week to summit K2.

Da Dendi Sherpa posted this video from low on K2 earlier today. We’ll have more updates from K2 throughout the week.