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Papert and Lindic’s Big Winter Watzmann Traverse

Ines Papert and Luka Lindic completed a winter traverse of Watzmann, a 2,713-metre Berchtesgaden Alps peak in Germany in preparation for their big spring Tibet climb.

The strong couple climbed from east to west and Papert reported about her climb to planetmountain.com here.

“Inspired by the perfect skyline that the Watzmann Family forms, we ventured into the area several times this winter during preparations for our Himalaya expedition.

“We kept the whole traverse in mind as an optional ‘training project’ for our ambitious goal of the south face of Shishapangma (8,027m) in Tibet, which we will attempt this year in April/May, since it promises a long climbing day in the mountains.

“The fact that we couldn’t find any information whether this traverse had already been done in winter or not made us even more motivated.”

Lindic wrote about their climb,, “The best way to visit papa Watzmann is to say hi to his whole family first. What a great way to climb this iconic peak for the first time.”

Papert and Lindic have climbed a number of new routes with other partners in Canada. Lindic established hard mixed routes with Marc-Andre Leclerc near Banff. And Papert has climbed hard new ice lines in B.C.