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Paraclimbing Team Summits Eiger

A team of three British paraclimbers have accomplished their 2015 goal of climbing the Eiger.

West Flank Route of the Eiger.
West Flank Route of the Eiger.

John Churcher, Alex Taylor and Jay Owen have successfully climbed the West Flank Route, assisted by Mark McGowan and Colin Gourley.

Their mission was to raise awareness of paraclimbing and rally support for climbout365.

After months of training, the team reached the summit of the Eiger on July 26 and then bivied on their descent in a sudden storm.

Churcher is blind with three per cent vision and has limited hearing, Taylor suffers from multiple sclerosis and long-time climber Owen has autism.

Visit the Eigerparaclimb blog for more.

Mark sight guides John up the West Flank Photo Finalcrux Films
McGowan guiding Chrucher on the West Flank during the summit push. Photo by Finalcrux Films