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Parking Woes: Climbers Against New Squamish Business

Squamish is a busy place during rock climbing season and parking has become a major issue. To get straight to the point, a new business has been approved to open in the Adventure Centre parking area and climbers should be concerned. The business would take much needed parking space away from climbers going to the Smoke Bluffs. For more information on the new business see here.


The Squamish Access Society (SAS) is asking the climbing community to voice their opposition to the district’s decision to pursue a lease for the business. “This lot is used as an overflow lot to the Smoke Bluffs and as a transit hub for YVR shuttle and commuter shuttle,” said Chris Small, president of the SAS.

“It also has huge potential for use a a hub for a recreation shuttle bus service here in the corridor. Parking has become a massive issue here in the past few years. SAS thinks this proposal is a very short sighted use of public land for private interests.” For more information on the issue, see here. Responses to this should be directed by email to council@squamish.ca.