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The 2014/15 Patagonia season has been a busy one. There’s been a number of ascents, tragedies and with some of the world’s leading alpinists ready to strike, there is more to come.

The first ascent of Cerro Torre this season was in September by an Italian team. At least 16 people have climbed it now. Fitz Roy’s Supercanaleta has had one ascent. Fitz Roy’s North Pillar has been climbed twice via Mate, Porro y Todo lo Demás.

Mate, Porro y Todo lo Demás climbs the Goretta Pillar and continues to the summit. Canadian Sarah Hart was the fist woman to climb the route to the summit, while Madeline Sorkin and Kate Rutherford climbed behind, completing the fourth team female ascent of Fitz Roy.

Mate, Porro y Todo lo Demás

According to Planet Mountian, there have been a number of Italians in Patagonia for the fall. They attempted a new big wall route up Torre Egger’s West Face, but bailed due to falling ice. Some of the team continued to make the first ascent of Pilastro dei Rampegaroi up a 400-metre pillar on Domo Blanco. They then went on to climb Aguja de la S and attempted a new route up the Goretta Pillar on Fitz Roy.

Korra Pesce

Alpine climbing phenom Korra Pesce has traveled from Chamonix to Patagonia for the season with Pierre Labbre and Damien Tomasi. They made a fast ascent of the Whillans/Cochrane on Aguja Poincenot. They then climbed the North Pillar of Fitz Roy. Pesce wrote on his Facebook, “We wasted no time and climbed Fitz Roy’s North Pillar in two days. Starting on Mate Porro, we climbed it in a full day. Then after a chilly night and much waiting for warming, we topped out Fitz in great weather. The reward was to see our next project. Still troubled by what’s happening around here, people don’t realize what Patagonia climbing is all about.”

Accidents, a Fatality and Risk in Patagonia

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