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Patxi Usobiaga Sends First 5.14b in Two Years

Elite competition climber Patxi Usobiaga has climbed his first 5.14b since suffering injuries in a car accident a number of years ago. After the accident he retired from competition climbing and focused on other sports.

In an interview with 8a.nu, Usobiaga said, “I have not climbed for two years. I have devoted myself to surfing until last May when Adam Ondra stayed over for a couple of days and I got psyched to climb again. In July, while teaching surfing in Yako Surf Eskola, Deva, I started going to Getaria where there’s a sandstone traverse. Thanks to Ioritz González, one of the climbers I train with, I started to get motivated. After a month I was climbing 5.13+ again. In October, I travelled to Indonesia to surf for 40 days. When I came back from that trip, two weeks ago, the first thing I did was go to the climbing gym.” Usobiaga said his next goal is to climb 5.15.


Patxi Usobiaga Climbtrips from patxi usobiaga on Vimeo.